- 14.63333333333347.75Koordinaten: 14 ° 38 ' S, 47 ° 45 ' E

Analalava is a small town in the north of Sofia Province, which belongs to the province of Mahajanga Malagasy. According to the census, the number of inhabitants amounted in 2001 to approximately 10,000 people.


Analalava is located on the northwest coast of the island, at the western end of the Lozabucht, an approximately 10 km long and 700-1500 m wide estuary of the river Loza. Before the town is the island of Nosy Lava, which was a prison for felons earlier.


The dry season lasts from May to September, fall in their average of less than 25 mm of rainfall per month. In October, the Northwest monsoon gains strength, and the highest monthly rainfall of over 500 mm occurs in January.

Economy and infrastructure

The main industry is fishing. Almost one- third of the population is engaged in agriculture (agriculture, livestock ). Main crops are rice, coconuts and cassava. The service sector is weak (5% of all working people ).

The two main roads leading south to the provincial capital of Mahajanga and north to Antsiranana, capital of the homonymous province.

Near the town is the local airfield.