Anarchic System

Anarchic System was a five-piece French pop band. It was founded in 1972 by the producers Paul de Senneville and Olivier Toussaint in Lille.


  • Gilles Devos (vocals )
  • Jacques Deville (vocals, guitar)
  • Patrick Verette ( bass)
  • Christian Lerouge (piano)
  • Michel Dhuy (drums)


Led to the creation, the idea was to create a underlaid with vocal version in the wake of the success of Hot Butter of the instrumental piece of popcorn. With the inclusion of the band managed a Europe-wide hit. In their home country, the single reached # 5 on the charts in the Netherlands, he rose in the summer of 1972, even up to the top.

During the five musicians were a one- hit wonder abroad, they were able to record in France in the following years some single successes, including in the summer of 1975 with a generation number -two hit.


  • French band
  • Pop band