Anatoli Ivanishin

Anatoly Alexeyevich Ivanishin (Russian Анатолий Алексеевич Иванишин; born January 15, 1969 in Irkutsk, Irkutsk Oblast, Russian SFSR ) is a Russian cosmonaut.

Military training

After graduating from high school # 11 in Irkutsk Ivanishin applied unsuccessfully in 1986 at the Higher Military Aviator Pilot School Chernigov. Then he took the subject aircraft for a year at the former Polytechnic Institute Irkutsk. In the second attempt, in 1987 he was accepted at the pilot school Chernigov and graduated in 1991 with a gold medal from. Subsequently, he served in a combat unit of the Russian Air Force in Borisoglebsk, Voronezh region, where he flew the multirole fighter MiG -29. From 1992 he served as a leading fighter pilot in the 159th air regiment in Petrozavodsk, Karelia. There he flew during his service the air superiority fighter Su- 27th

Ivanishin has held the rank of lieutenant colonel of the Russian Air Force and may prove 507 flight hours and 180 parachute jumps. In 2003 he made ​​the final exam in economics, statistics and information theory for a correspondence course at the Moscow State University.

Spaceman activity

Already in 1997 stood Ivanishin on the shortlist, but failed his candidacy to the then strict criteria for Soyuz spaceships, he was a few inches too big. On 29 May 2003, he was selected as the pilot of the Air Force, he completed his Cosmonaut basic training in June 2005 with honors. In October 2009, he participated in the Baikonur Cosmodrome in training for the Mini Research Module 2 part and he trained for a long stay on the International Space Station, including he was substitute for Dmitri Kondratyev as commander of the spaceship Soyuz TMA -20 to the ISS. After that, he was substitute for Andrei Borisenko as flight engineer of the mission Soyuz TMA- 21st

Ivanishin launched on 14 November 2011, along with Anton Shkaplerov and Daniel Burbank in the Soyuz TMA -22 to the ISS. He worked there as a flight engineer of expeditions 29 and 30 and ended on April 27, 2012.


Anatoli Ivanishin is married and has a son who was born in 1993.