Anatolian Plate

The Anatolian Plate is a small tectonic plate that is moved between the northward drifting Arabian Plate and the Eurasian plate to the west. This gives rise to the North Anatolian Fault tensions erupt into massive earthquake. In the area of the North Anatolian Fault demanded in 1999 alone, two earthquakes with thicknesses greater than M = 7.5 more than 19,000 deaths. In the east, bordering the Anatolian plate to the Iranian plate, on the west by the Aegean plate. The southern plate boundary to the African plate forms the Cyprus arc south of Cyprus.

Along the North Anatolian fault line, an east-west course of the earthquakes are observed. The last major earthquake was the earthquake of Gölcük on 17 August 1999. For Istanbul, located north of the fault line, a major earthquake in the near future is expected.


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