Anatoliy Serdyukov

Anatoly Serdyukov Eduardo Malevich (Russian Анатолий Эдуардович Сердюков; born January 8, 1962 at the village Cholmski in Krasnodar Krai ) is a Russian politician. In February 2007, he was Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation. In November 2012 Serdyukov was fired by Russian President Putin. His successor was the former governor Sergei Shoigu Moscow region.

Professional career

After finishing his studies at the Leningrad Academy of Soviet trade, he worked in 1985, first at a local furniture trading, then moved in 1993 as deputy director of the St. Petersburg Joint Stock Company " Mebel- Market ", where he primarily took care of the research and eventually rose to become Director General. In 2000, Serdyukov moved into the civil service and took a job with the Tax Inspectorate on. From June to November 2001, he was deputy head of the Petersburg Branch of the Ministry of Taxes and charges, that later Deputy Russian Prime Minister Victor Zubkov. As the latter in November 2001, Moscow moved to the Federal Authority for Financial Control, Serdyukov was his successor in the post of chairman of the Petersburg Branch of the Ministry of taxes and fees.

In March 2004 he moved to Moscow, where he took over as acting head of the Federal Ministry of taxes and fees. This was soon converted it into a standing authority under the Ministry of Finance called Federal Service for taxes, was appointed its director in July 2004 Serdyukov.

In February 2007, Serdyukov was eventually appointed as successor by Sergei Ivanov, Minister of Defense. Since March 2007, Serdyukov is also Chairman of the chemical company Chimprom, which is a majority owned by the state. The same applies to the state corporation Rostekhnologii in the defense sector.

On 18 September 2007 Serdyukov submitted his resignation. The reason the incompatibility of the ministerial post has been specified with the close family relationship with the recently appointed Prime Minister Viktor Zubkov. Zubkov is Serdjukows father. The resignation was rejected by President Vladimir Putin, which served as Defense Minister Serdyukov continues.

To release Serdjukows on November 6, 2012, Putin declared, the Ministry of Defence had failed under Serdyukov to provide military personnel with sufficient dwellings. A new head of department should continue the dynamic development of the Russian armed forces. The Russian armed forces are in the biggest reform in its history. Serdjukows dismissal have also been linked to a corruption scandal involving one of his ministry under operating company, is accused of embezzlement in the amount of 78 million euros. With the dismissal of the way for an investigation is cleared, so Putin's press secretary. Serdyukov himself had previously been criticized by the military due to his army reform plans.