Ancar ( Ancar Automóveis de Angola, SA ) was an Angolan private companies, which formed a joint venture with the Škoda Auto to establish a vehicle assembly plant in Angola in 2001. Ancar was an offshoot of the front company Ancar World Wide Investments Holding, a dubious financial companies with European capital, which is registered in the United States of America. Ancar Angola no longer exists, however, in the meantime, and the project was set to either German, as well as on the Angolan side, because of serious corruption allegations against the former Principal.


The initiators of the project at that time were former Škoda Auto Board, Helmuth Schuster, as well as wanted by the Spanish Guardia Civil arrest warrant serial cheater Johann Johannsen. Due to dubious business practices of the two, the NDR drew attention on 14 July 2005 in his political magazine Panorama on the VW corruption scandal. According to this news, the Board of Volkswagen responded with a dismissal of board member and obtained in addition to finish the construction of the plant. The good reputation of Volkswagen was in Africa at stake. It was feared that it was at the partner companies to a front company. Volkswagen introduced further negotiations continued until after an extensive review of the company and then presented a project.

Present State

However, Volkswagen announced a surprise 28 June 2008 in a press release a continuation of the construction work and the work of opening for 2009. For an investment of 15 million U.S. dollars was provided, including the construction of a nationwide dealer network. Another Angolan company, ASGM wanted to participate with a capital of 48 million U.S. dollars. The infrastructure with the associated dealer network are subject currently of Volkswagen of South Africa.

The current state is indeed the case that there are no considerations of the Volkswagen Group, are to continue working on this project. (February 2011).

The original plans that were in effect in the years 2001-2005, it would have simply been in the works for an assembly operation, assemble the decomposed in Lisbon, Portugal vehicles again and the operator promised high profits. Angolan laws would allow this because they promised with this method, new jobs for the people in this emerging market.

China builds

The project of Volkswagen AG has now been temporarily suspended. The Government of Angola has due to the complications that led up to the highest government circles, ( Welwitschia dos Santos was involved in Ancar and is a daughter of President José Eduardo dos Santos), refrained publicly distance. A project funded by China International Fund joint venture project called CSG Automóvel fabricado em Angola was set out on the designated areas, the Pólo Industrial de Viana, Viana built. Here Yumsun Nissan models are already built. (As of 2011 ).