Andaz (1949 film)

Andaz (Hindi: अंदाज़, Andaz ) is a successful Hindi film directed by Mehboob Khan from 1949.


The rich 19 -year-old Neeta crashes unfortunately the horse and rolled down the slope. Luckily she is Dilip, who is nearby, rescued at the last moment. She thanked him, but Dilip is so impressed by her that he befriends her. Since then, he equips Neeta from visits and also meets up with her friends. This is Neetas father Badriprasad an eyesore, and he warns his daughter to engage in Dilip, as Dilip possibly hoping more than just a friendship.

One day, at the birthday party of Neetas best friend Sheela Dilip realized that he has fallen in love with Neeta and tries to tell her. As fate would have it dies Neetas father on that day of a heart attack. Finds solace Neeta at Dilip, which now leaves the management of the company Dilip. Dilip again sees this as a sign of love and wants to reveal his true feelings. But at this moment appears a man named Rajan.

Rajan is Neetas former chauffeur and has just returned from London. Dilip is shocked when he learns that Rajan is also Neetas fiance. Finally, the two married shortly thereafter. However, Dilip it did not loose yet to reveal his love for Neeta on the wedding day. Now Neeta is completely scattered, as they only saw a good friend in Dilip.

This confession of love leaves some traces in the marriage of Neeta and Rajan. Although Neeta has now brought a daughter into the world, Rajan is jealous because he believes Neetas heart belongs to Dilip and suspected an affair.

Slowly, the situation escalates and there is a big row between Dilip and Rajan. Dilip who has suffered a serious injury case, turns to Neeta, but the shoots him. Neeta is arrested. The court negotiations, Rajan Neeta refuses to come to the rescue. On the contrary, his testimony is true. Thus, the sentence is life imprisonment.

Only later Rajan finds out that Neeta has only loved him. In a prison visit he promises Neeta to support them. He also wants to protect their daughter from the same mistakes his wife. Neeta has now become aware that ye all of this would have been spared if she had taken seriously the warning at the time of her father.


Melodrama to use the key figure of a woman, to dramatize the contradictory statement that the new, independent India should appreciate the capitalist modernization while maintaining feudal family traditions and moral values ​​.


This is the only joint film of the three superstars Raj Kapoor, Dilip Kumar and Nargis.

The interpreters of the film songs are Shamshad Begum, Lata Mangeshkar, Mukesh and Mohammed Rafi. In particular, sung by Mukesh Naushad Hum aaj kahin dil pieces kho baithe, Tu kahe agar and Jhoom Jhoom ke nacho aaj made ​​the film a big musical success. The lyrics come from Majrooh Sultanpuri.

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