The river in front of the Abbaye de Fontaine- Guérard

The Andelle is a river in France, which runs in the Haute-Normandie region. It rises in the Pays de Bray, in the municipality of Serqueux, drained generally in a southwesterly direction through the historical province of Vexin Normand and ends after 57 kilometers in the municipality of Pîtres as a right tributary of the Seine. On their way the Andelle crosses the departments of Seine -Maritime and Eure.

Places on the river

  • Forges- les -Eaux
  • Sigy -en- Bray
  • Nolléval
  • Croisy -sur- Andelle
  • Perrier -sur- Andelle
  • Charleval
  • Fleury- sur- Andelle
  • Radepont
  • Pont -Saint -Pierre
  • Romilly- sur- Andelle
  • Pîtres