Andenes? / I is a place in Norway on the north end of the Vesterålen and is equipped with 2,617 inhabitants, capital of the municipality Andøy.

In the 16th and 17th century Dutch whalers took advantage of the convenient location to the area of ​​distribution of sperm whales. Just before the coast of the seabed drops off to a depth of 1000 m; at these depths hunt sperm whales and octopuses immerse themselves regularly to breathe on.

Since Andenes is located at the northern tip of the Vesterålen, the place has rain tourist inflow. In addition to the famous lighthouse which can be climbed also, there is a Polar Museum and the exhibition Hisnakul. However, the most famous tourist attraction of Andenes is the whale that is offered daily in the summer months from here. The starting point is the location near the lighthouse Norwegian Whale ( Hvalsenter ) with exhibition and lecture offerings on the whales.

In the immediate vicinity of the town is the rocket launch site Andøya.


On the road Andenes can be reached via the RV 82 from the south; between 28 May and 29 August, there is also a ferry service which connects with Andenes Gryllefjord on the island of Senja. On the outskirts of Andenes, the regional airfield Andøya lufthavn, Hanford, which is also used for military purposes. From there, the airline Widerøe 's Flyveselskap offers daily flights to Bodø and Tromsø. During the summer months of 2012 there was the first time twice weekly direct flights low cost airline Norwegian Air Shuttle to and from Oslo. Presumably, this compound will be offered again in the summer of 2013. At the airport there is a large campsite.