Anders Borg

Anders Erik Borg ( born January 11, 1968 in Stockholm ), residing at Katrine Holm, is a Swedish economist and politician of the Moderate samlingspartiet since October 6 2006 Swedish Minister of Finance. Between 2002 and 2006, Borg was chief economist and head office of the Moderate and is seen since then as one of the architects behind the policy under Fredrik Reinfeldt.


Anders Borg was born in Stockholm but grew up in Norrköping. He studied philosophy, economic history, economics and political science at the universities of Uppsala and Stockholm. After graduating, he worked as a researcher at the university, but without completing his doctoral thesis. In addition, he was chairman of the political fraternity Heimdal and Vice Chairman of the Student Association Fria Moderata Studentförbundet, a coalition conservative- liberal students.

After the electoral victory of the Civil 1991, he was a speechwriter for the former Prime Minister Carl Bildt and politically knowledgeable, especially on social issues, the Coordination Office of the State Committee, a division of the Swedish Government Offices. After the election loss of 1994, he left politics and worked in the following years for various employers in the private sector, so among other things, as Chief Economist of ABN AMRO in Stockholm and Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken principal analyst with. In addition, he was a member of several expert groups on issues of the economy and the labor market.

Anders Borg is married with three children and lives in Katrine Holm.


Shortly after the meeting of the new government in autumn 2006 Borg admitted, for years a black nanny employed and the license fee is not paid to have.

End of the 1980s, he said in a television interview that the Reichstag and democracy are to be unnecessary for people who can make a living with their own money. This statement was criticized by many as inappropriate neoliberal perspective in traditional social- social and Sweden also Borg distanced himself after his swearing-in as minister of his statements. Even the detached Prime Minister Göran Persson went in his farewell speech as party leader of the Social Democrats on 17 March 2007 again a on these statements Borgs.


  • "Politics is to argue about facts, not values ​​. "
  • "It's important that people work, rather than to drink. "


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As well as a number of articles in various economic journals.