Anders Chydenius

Unlike Chydenius (born 26 Februarjul / March 9 1729greg in Sotkamo, .. † February 1, 1803 in Kokkola ) was a Finnish clergyman, politician, economist and important philosopher of classical liberalism, who spread the ideas of the Enlightenment.

Unlike Chydenius operational in 1766 the introduction of the Law on Freedom of the Press ( Tryckfrihetsförordning ) that stopped the censorship and information transparency (Swedish: offentlighetsprincipen ) in Swedish administrations introduced.

In 1765 Chydenius worried for several coastal cities of Finland 's foreign trade rights, which he was very important especially for the city of Kokkola. There the Chydenius Park was named after him, where also there is a bust of him. From 1770 he worked as a pastor in the church Kaarlela in Kokkola.

For his work got Chydenius from 1986 a place on the Finnish 1000 Mark note.

In 2003, Finland a 10- euro commemorative coin to commemorate Anders Chydenius out.