André Darrigade

André Darrigade ( born April 24, 1929 in Narosse, Landes ) is a former French cyclist. He was one of the most successful sprinter in the 1950s and 1960s. He twice won the points classification and 22 stages of the Tour de France. The one time he was World Champion and French Champion. Between 1951 and 1966, he won a total of 138 races.

On flat terrain Darrigade the competition was mostly superior. Alone in the Tour de France, he won 22 stages. No less than five of them on the first day; herein could no one overtake him until today. 1959 and 1961 he was the winner of the points classification green jersey to Paris. Overall, he took part in a row 14 times in the Tour de France; More than once he had to abandon the race.

On the last day of the Tour de France 1958 Darrigade was involved in a fatal accident. Paris Parc des Princes, he raced in Constant Wouters, the director of the stadium, who had taken a step too far forward and eleven days later succumbed to his injuries. Darrigade escaped with a head laceration.

Outside France won Darrigade rarely. Notable exceptions include winning the Tour of Lombardy in 1956 and winning the world title in 1959 in Zandvoort, Netherlands. The previous two years he had become off third at the World Cup. The road Cycling Championship 1960 at the Sachsenring he finished second behind Belgium's Rik Van Looy.

The most important victories

  • French Champion (1955 )
  • Tour of Lombardy (1956 )
  • Road World Champion (1959 )
  • Tour de France: 22 stage wins and two times winner of the points classification

Classifications in the Tour de France

  • Tour 1953: 37th Rank, 1 stage win
  • Tour 1954: 49th
  • Tour 1955: 49th, 1 stage win
  • Tour 1956: 16th place, 1 stage win, 6 days in the yellow jersey
  • Tour 1957: 17th place, 3 stage wins, 1 day in yellow jersey
  • Tour 1958: 21st place, 5 stage wins, 5 days in the yellow jersey
  • Tour 1959: 16th place, 2 stage wins, winner scoring, 2 days in the yellow jersey
  • Tour 1960: 16th place, 1 stage win
  • Tour 1961: 32nd, 4 stage wins, winner scoring, 1 day in yellow jersey
  • Tour 1962: 21st place, 1 stage win, 4 days in the yellow jersey
  • Tour 1963: abandoned, 1 stage win
  • Tour 1964: 67th Rank, 2 stage wins
  • Tour 1965: 91 Rank
  • Tour 1966 62 rank