Andrea Doria-class cruiser

The Andrea Doria - class was a series of guided missile cruisers of the Italian Navy.

The two cruisers in this class, Andrea Doria (C 553 ) and Caio Duilio (C 554), were the first major post-1945 Italian-built ships. Both ships remained in service from 1964 to 1992. Its main tasks were the air defense and anti-submarine combat.

From the Andrea Doria - class was originally a third ship, the provided Enrico Dandolo ( C 555 ). For technical reasons, however, we opted for the larger cruiser type Vittorio Veneto, which was a further development of the Doria class.


Main dimensions

  • LOA: 149.3 m
  • Width: 17.2 m
  • Draught 4.9 m
  • Displacement: 6.500 ts (maximum)

Propulsion plant

  • 2 Getriebturbinen, 60,000 hp ( 45,000 kW)
  • 4 Foster -Wheeler boilers, 2 screws
  • Maximum speed: 31 kn
  • Range: 6,000 nautical miles at 15 knots

Crew and armament

  • Crew: 500 men
  • 1 rocket launch system Mk- 10 for the RIM -2 Terrier
  • 8 76/62 mm Oto Melara guns
  • 6 torpedo tubes
  • 4 on-board helicopter


The two ships of this class were during the Cold War as part of the NATO ( "Down Patrol ," " Quick Draw " ) is used intensively. In addition, they participated in other longer inserts. The Andrea Doria went from August to December 1964, cadets from the Naval Academy to Japan and East Asia, and later South America. In 1973 she participated in the maneuvers " Iles d' Or" and was " Ship of the Year ". The cruiser Andrea Doria and Vittorio Veneto ( C550 ) introduced in 1979 along with the supply ship Stromboli in the South China Sea by a humanitarian mission in which they total 1,000 so-called boat people rescued. 1984, the Andrea Doria was involved in the international mission in Lebanon, 1986 in the maneuvers during the Italian- Libyan tensions.

Predecessor and successor

The Italian Navy had 1912-1956 and 1873-1909 battleships that carried the name of Andrea Doria and Caio Duilio. They were grouped together as sister ships in the Caio Duilio - class.

Currently, two new guided missile destroyer of the French- Italian Horizon class are put into service, which in turn above Were given names and are sometimes referred to in Italy after the Italian ship type as Andrea Doria - class.