Andreas Acoluthus

Andreas Acoluthus (* March 16, 1654 in Bernstadt, † November 4, 1704 in Breslau) was a German orientalist and linguist.


Andreas Acoluthus was the son of the pastor of St. Elizabeth's Church and inspector of the Wroclaw churches and schools Dr. theol. John Acoluthus born. At the Wrocław Elisabeth -Gymnasium he found under August Pfeiffer, who later became superintendent of Lübeck, an extensive training in Oriental languages ​​such as Hebrew, Syriac, Chaldean, Arabic, Persian, and Ethiopic. Later Acoluthus used the acquired knowledge, to connect it with the Mauritanian languages ​​, Turkish, Coptic, Armenian, and Chinese.

In 1674 he enrolled at the University of Wittenberg, continued his studies at Leipzig University, where he earned the academic master's degree and privately held lectures. 1680 appeared to be the work of the prophet Obadiah with Armenian observations, which was the first Armenian printing in Germany. 1682 appeared the treatise " De Aquis zelotypiae amaris ", which paved the way for him to professorship in Leipzig.

Long but not he retained this chair; 1683 he returned back to Breslau, where he entered the church service. After six years he was given in 1689 as professor of Hebrew at the Elisabeth -Gymnasium and called him in the following year as a senior at the Bernhardi church.

As he put through his continued studies of Oriental languages ​​a lot of diligence on the day, he was given the task to edit an Arabic manuscript of the Koran, with Persian and Turkish translation. Since the Qur'an was virtually unknown by the burning of the Pope in 1530 in Germany, Acoluthus who publish him fed arrived three handwriting with a Latin translation decided. To this end, he turned to Frederick of Prussia in Berlin, the Acoluthus supported as a promoter of science and of which he henceforth received an annual pension. 1701 From the mentioned Quran appeared a font "Specimen alcorani quadrilinguis ", which earned him recognition in the form of admission to the Royal Prussian Academy of Sciences in Berlin.


  • Prophet Obadiah, 1680
  • De acquis zelotypiae amaris, 1682
  • Specimen alcorani quadrilinguis, 1701