Andreas Fugger

Andreas Fugger (* 1406 according to other sources 1394 in Augsburg, † 1457 in Augsburg), "the Rich ", was the eldest son of Hans Fugger and Elisabeth Gfattermann. He is considered the founding father of the Fugger of deer.

Together with his brothers Jacob and Michael, he took over after the death of his father, whose cloth-making. He manages to make contacts to Venice and learn here the double-entry bookkeeping. Through his influence and thus gained his knowledge he manages to extend the cloth making the brothers to wholesale. He was a member of the guild of weavers and also a goldsmith. In 1454 he left the family, leaving his brother Jacob the sole leadership.

In 1431 he married Barbara Stammler from the road ( 1415-1476 ), a patrician 's daughter (father: the merchant Ulrich Stammler from the road, Mother: Magaretha ) and founded the line of the Fugger of deer. Overall, had four sons and five daughters Andreas Fugger of deer. He was an extremely successful merchant and businessman, who rose quickly in the society at that time and came to office and dignity. He was in the city of Augsburg Council and had great influence. His sons Jacob (* 1430), Luke ( * 1439), Matthew ( * 1442 ) and Hans (* 1443 ) received in 1462 by the Emperor Frederick due to business efficiency of their father and good business connections to the ruling house of Habsburg, the first Fugger coat of arms, a golden jumping deer on blue ground, hence the name Fugger of deer.

With Andreas Fugger Fugger of artisans to merchants were. Quickly the business success was a power and influence of Andrew grew steadily. Soon he was called " the rich Andreas ", a predicate that only received from the other Fugger - line after him Jakob Fugger. Was Andrew, who died in 1457 of the plague, yet a very successful business man of high standing in Augsburg and far beyond, already started but in the next generation of the decline of the line Fugger of deer.