Andreas Syngros

Andreas Syngros (Greek Ανδρέας Συγγρός, born October 12, 1830 in Constantine Opel, † February 13, 1899 in Athens ) was a Greek banker and philanthropist.

Syngros was in Istanbul (then Constantinople Opel ) born to a wealthy family Chian. Together with Stephanos SKOULOUDIS he founded in 1871, the Bank of Constantinople Opel. After its success, he founded a number of other banks, which he sold part later.

As a philanthropist, he sponsored a major construction of the Corinth Canal, but also smaller projects such as the Andreas Syngros Hospital in Athens and the Archaeological Museum at Delphi and the old Archaeological Museum at Olympia, which now houses the museum of the history of the ancient Olympic Games and the after him Syngreion is named. Named after him is also the south-eastern arterial road Athens, Syngrou Avenue and the metro station lying there happily coupled Fix.

The architect Ernst Ziller built for him as a town house in the Athens Megaro Andrea Syngrou (1872/1873, now Ministry of Foreign Affairs ) and a country house.