Andrew Bynum

Andrew Lee Bynum ( born October 27, 1987 in Plainsboro, New Jersey ) is an American professional basketball player. Since the 2005/06 season he has been active in the American professional league NBA. He currently plays for the Indiana Pacers. He is considered one of the best young centers in the NBA because of his size and strength.

High school time

Bynum joined the high school three times in total. First, he played for the local Windsor - Plainsboro High School, then went for the Solebury School in New Hope, Pennsylvania hunting for points. After he drew attention to himself by strong performances, he accepted an offer of the prestigious St. Joseph High School in Metuchen, New Jersey to adjust its national level of awareness to increase further.

NBA career

Los Angeles Lakers (2005-2012)

After a successful last high school season, Bynum decided in 2005 to waive collection of experience at the college and instead to sign up for the NBA Draft. The Los Angeles Lakers obliged him with the 10th pick of the NBA Draft 2005. Andrew became the youngest NBA player ever at 18 years and 6 days probably remain in his debut in the jersey of the Lakers and this will be a longer time since the NBA in year 2007 has set the age limit for players to 19 years.

After a mixed rookie season he improved in his second NBA season averaged 7.8 points, 5.9 rebounds and 1.6 blocks in just 21 minutes.

The season 2007/ 08 will be classified as so-called " breakout year", he improved in all areas of the game strongly and put on Karrierebestwerte in all categories. Especially in the rebound and he showed greatly improved and his post moves were now more numerous. His best game in which he scored 42 points and 15 rebounds, Bynum made ​​on 21 January 2009 against the Los Angeles Clippers. On January 14, 2008 game against the Memphis Grizzlies, he injured his knee and had to watch as the entire playoffs so the rest of the season.

End of August 2008, the young center player recovered completely from his injury and was at the beginning of the 2008/ 09 fit again. Also, by Bynum and his immediate good interaction with frontcourt partner Pau Gasol Los Angeles put the best start to the season all NBA teams out. On January 31, 2009, Bynum injured again against the Memphis Grizzlies on his right knee, Kobe Bryant rushed a team - mate against Bynum on the floor. He had 33 games pause and returned on 9 April 2009 back to the squad of the Lakers. He returned just in time back to the NBA Playoffs 2009. He struggled with the Lakers in the finals, where they defeated the Orlando Magic 4-1.

In the on coming season, NBA 2009/10, Bynum put it on in about the same values ​​as in the NBA seasons previously. Injury free he could be available this season his team either. He had to fight with his shoulder and in the playoffs he had knee problems again. However, he did not undergo surgery, which was an important factor for the Lakers to defend the title. As in the year before he was able to qualify with the Lakers for the final. In the final, the Lakers had to prove against the Boston Celtics, against which it had played two years ago and lost with 2:4. However, since Bynum could only watch because of his knee injury. In the finals of 2010, he shone especially under the basket. At the end Bynum could defend with the Lakers 4-3 the NBA title successfully. In the playoffs in 2011, he retired with the Lakers, however unceremoniously in the second round against the Dallas Mavericks 4-0 after a series of. In the final phase of the fourth game he was sent to a unsportsmanlike foul on JJ Barea dismissed and subsequently locked even for five games next season. Due to the NBA lockout, the lock was subsequently reduced to four games.

In the NBA season 2011/12 he was first appointed to the All- Star Game, in which he was even in the starting five of the west.

Philadelphia 76ers (2012-2013 )

On August 10, 2012 moved Bynum, in the context of a four - team trade to the Philadelphia 76ers. In return, joined, among others, Dwight Howard to the Lakers, and Andre Iguodala to the Denver Nuggets. However, for the 76ers, he played a single game so far, as it turned out with knee problems all season 2012/13. The 76ers waived then Bynum to offer a new contract.

Cleveland Cavaliers (2013-2014)

During the summer of 2013 Bynum received several offers from teams in the NBA. However, he himself refused a trial at an interested team to complete because he wanted to take any risk of injury before the season. Finally, he reached an agreement with the Cleveland Cavaliers on a contract until 2015. However, the start of the season missed Bynum again, as he had not yet completed his rehab. The end of November Bynum finally returned on the dance floor and did his first games for the Cavs. End of December, however, he was suspended from Club, where he was before noticed negative. Among other things he should not have trained as required, and instructions of the coaches have ignored. Beginning in January 2014 transferred the Cavaliers Bynum to the Chicago Bulls, in turn moved forward Luol Deng to Cleveland. The Bulls Bynum was immediately suspended by contract option without training or game use.

Indiana Pacers (since 2014)

On February 1, 2014 Bynum was committed by the Indiana Pacers as a back -up for their regular center Roy Hibbert. The contract is initially guaranteed until the end of the season.

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  • To improve his offensive game make him the Los Angeles Lakers the help of the NBA All -Time Leading Scorers, the basketball legend Kareem Abdul- Jabbar, who has this commitment in the offseason in 2009 but finished again.
  • It's nicknamed " Socks " gave him his teammates in his early days in the NBA, since he still had at that time no slippers and therefore showered in socks.

Awards and achievements

  • All- NBA Second Team: 2012

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