Andrew Eldritch

Andrew Eldritch (actually Andrew William Harvey Taylor, born May 15, 1959 in Ely, England ) is an English singer and record producer. His father was a member of the Royal Air Force, his mother is not known.


Probably in 1979 he went to the University of Leeds in order to record the study of Chinese language. Using various contacts with the punk and underground scene, he met Gary Marx (b. Mark Pearman ), and be with him founded the rock band The Sisters of Mercy. In addition to the Sisters, he published under the name The Sisterhood 1986, a single and an LP, as he has due to conflict of some of his band members. This originally called themselves The Sisterhood, only to lose rename for legal reasons in The Mission.

In addition to songwriting, he produced music for various bands, mostly his own indie label Merciful Release belonged. To this end, he made several remixes, including for the German EBM project Die Krupps and the Hamburg band Castrated philosophers. He also acted as a guest singer with Sarah Brightman and Gary Moore. In 1997 he founded the project SSV NSMABAAOTWMODAACOTIATW to achieve a targeted poor recording a resolution of his contract with his former record label.

His residence has often changed Andrew Eldritch. Shortly before the first band split in 1985 he moved to Hamburg in the St. Pauli district. From the mid- 90s he lived in Amsterdam. His current residence is unknown, but he returns to self-reported back often to Leeds.

Andrew Eldritch is considered an excellent songwriter and a perfectionist. In addition, he has mastered both English and German, Italian and French. A particular dislike he harbors against the assignment of his person and his band of gothic culture. A hallmark of Eldritch is the dark glasses, without which he in public only rarely shows up.