Andrew Lloyd

Andrew Lloyd ( born February 14, 1959 in Colchester, United Kingdom) is a former Australian long-distance runner.

1979, 1980 and 1981, he won the Melbourne Marathon and 1980 at the Gold Coast Marathon. In 1984 he was second in the Australian marathon national marathon champion.

At the World Cross Country Championships 1985 in Lisbon, he came on the 95th Place. In 1988, he reached at the Olympic Games in Seoul over 5000 m the semi-finals and was eliminated in the 10,000 m in the run- off. In 1989, he finished at the Cross Country World Championships in Stavanger 57th, 1989 seventh in the 5000m at the Crescent City Classic and second in the IAAF World Cup.

At the 1990 Commonwealth Games in Auckland he won the 5000m, beating Olympic champion John Ngugi. In 1991, he won the half-marathon competition of the Gold Coast Marathon and retired at the IAAF World Championships in Tokyo in the flow. In 1994 he finished eleventh at the Tokyo Half Marathon.

He was three times Australian Champion over 5000 m (1985, 1988, 1992 ) and 10,000 m ( 1985, 1987, 1989) and one each above 1500 m (1990 ), in the mile run (1992 ), in the 15 - km road race (1986 ) in the marathon (1984) and in cross country (1993).