Andrew N. Schofield

Andrew Noel Schofield ( born 1 November 1930) is a British civil engineer, who is engaged in foundation engineering and soil mechanics.

Schofield studied at Cambridge civil engineering and was 1951 to 1954 Engineer at engineering firm Scott, Wilson, Kirkpatrick and Partners in Malawi (then Nyasaland ), where he worked among others with road construction and construction of runways. After that, he was a research student ( and from 1955 Demonstrator ) for Soil Mechanics by Kenneth Harry Roscoe at the University of Cambridge and 1963/64, at Caltech. 1964 to 1966 and from 1974 he was a Fellow of Churchill College, Cambridge. 1968 to 1974 he was a professor at the University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology ( UMIST, then associated or the university) and from 1974 Professor of Civil Engineering at Cambridge. In 1998 he retired. He also had his own engineering office (Andrew N. Schofield and Associates, from 1984), from whose presidency he retired in 2000, and was from 1987 to 1997 on the board of the Centrifuge Instrumentation and Equipment Ltd..

Schofield founded in 1958 with Roscoe and Peter Wroth Critical State Soil Mechanics., About which he wrote a book with Wroth. He is also known for its development of centrifuge technology for experimental simulation of Erddruckbedingungen in soils with the construction of a large centrifuge facility in Cambridge, after he had built previously in Manchester a centrifuge ( as simultaneously and independently of Peter Rowe at the University of Manchester ). With the centrifuges he examined, among other things, the safety of dikes within the Thames Barrage in the 1970s and Causes of dike breaches on the Mississippi.

He became a Fellow of the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE ), 1986 of the Royal Society of Engineering and in 1992 the Royal Society in 1972. In 1993 he received the James Alfred Ewing Medal of the ICE and 1979 the U.S. Army Award for Civil Service.

In 1980 he was Rankine Lecturer ( Cambridge Geotechnical Centrifuge Operations, Geotechnique, Volume 30, 1980, pp. 227-268 ).


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