Andrianampoinimerina (* ca 1745, † 1810) was the founder of the Kingdom of Madagascar and king of the island.

Andrianampoinimerina, a member of the Merina Dynasty and son Andriamiaramanjakas, followed this in 1787 to the throne of the small kingdom of Ambohimanga ( royal residence, 20 km north of Antananarivo ). In 1794 he conquered the neighboring kingdom of Antananarivo and moved its headquarters from Ambohimanga to Antananarivo.

Gradually Andrianampoinimerina expanded its sphere of influence almost the entire island, thus establishing the Merina Kingdom of Madagascar. He issued many laws, including a Criminal Code, land reforms and trade regulations, and organized the administration of the country and is still regarded as an important ruler of the country.

Under his rule has begun to draft the orally transmitted stories of the Merina in writing ( " Tantaran'ny Andriana ").

His name means " Prince in the heart of the Merina ", and was succeeded Radama I.