Andrijevica (Cyrillic Андријевица ) is a small city in eastern Montenegro. The town has about 1100 inhabitants. Andrijevica is the capital of the same named village with 5,785 inhabitants and 283 km ² area.


The place is located at the mouth of Zlorečica in the upper reaches of Lim, about 55 km north-east of Podgorica. With the capital it is connected by a mountain road that leads to 81 km through the upper valley of Tara.

Andrijevica is about 9 km from the border of Albania and 21 km from Serbia and Kosovo away. Peć is accessible via a local road over the Čakorpass.

During the Ottoman Empire the city to the Sanjak of Novi Pazar was.


At the census of 2011, the congregation Adrijevica 5071 inhabitants, of whom described themselves 3137 ( 61.86 %) than Serbians and 1646 ( 32.46 %) and Montenegrins. Larger other groups did not live in the community.