Andronicus of Pannonia

Andronicus of Pannonia ( † 1st century ) is an early Christian martyr and that is mentioned in Romans. He is counted among the seventy disciples, and venerated in the Roman Catholic and the Orthodox Church as a saint.

Andronicus is mentioned in Rom 16.7 EU as a Fellow of Junia. Sometimes referred to Junia Junia is read instead, which is then regarded as the wife of Andronicus. Paul mentions in Romans that both belonged to his people, so probably born Jews, and were with him in prison. He calls them apostles and writes that she confessed to Jesus Christ before him. The nickname of Pannonia was Andronicus, because he was a bishop in Pannonia, according to tradition, where he suffered martyrdom.

The relics of Andronicus finally came to worship after Constantine Opel worshiped. Commemoration of the Holy is May 17

Pictures of Andronicus of Pannonia