Andronicus of Rhodes

Andronicus of Rhodes was an innovator of Aristotelian philosophy. He lived in the 1st century BC It is not sure if he was in Athens - possibly as head of the Peripatetic school - taught or in Rome.

Its importance lies after a common view, especially in the compilation and edition of the writings of Aristotle in a complete edition, however, only the esoteric writings, the so-called Prague Matien contained. This was published by him in the second half of the first century BC. Because of this editing work these writings were more widely used, the exoteric, however, that by Aristotle himself intended for publication writings that still Cicero templates were lost. The output of Andronikos forms the basis of tradition and thus the first modern total output Immanuel Bekker, after which page count Aristotle in all editions and translations cited to this day.

Andronikos ' actual contribution to the edition however, has been repeatedly denied in modern research, especially by Jonathan Barnes and also by Werner Jaeger.