Andronikos III of Trebizond

Andronikos III. Komnenos (* 1310, † 1332 ) was from 1330 to 1332 and Emperor of Trebizond Großkomnene.


Andronikos was born as the eldest of four sons of Trebizond Emperor Alexios II and his wife, the Iberian noblewoman Djiadjak.

When his father died in 1330, Andronikos ascended the throne of Trebizond. Immediately after his reign takeover he turned against his still-living male relative of the family of Comnenus, in which he probably saw potential rivals. While he had assassinated two of his three younger brothers, Michael and George, still in 1330, succeeded to the third brother, the future Emperor Basil, the flight to Constantinople Opel. His uncle Michael, who later also came to the throne of Trebizond, eluded the snares of Andronikos, by also there went into exile.

Andronikos died in the year 1332. On the throne was succeeded by his at this time only eight year old son Manuel II, who, however, could not long remain in power against his relatives fled into exile.

The tyranny of Andronicus shook the population Trebizond and split it into several fractions. It marks the beginning of a period of instability after long-lasting internal turmoil and civil wars only in 1349 with the accession of Alexios III. her end was.

  • Kaiser ( Trebizond )
  • Born in the 14th century
  • Died in 1332
  • Man