Andrzej Supron

Andrzej Supron ( born October 22, 1952 in Warsaw ) is a former Polish wrestler.


Andrzej Supron grew up in Warsaw and began in 1963 at the sports club RKS " Elektrycznosz " Warsaw with the rings. In 1972 he began in Katowice a study of mining engineering and moved to GKS Katowice. Throughout his career, he was supervised by the coaches Tadeusz Świętulski Jan Adamaszek, Antoni Masternak and Janusz Tracewski. Andrzej began as a light weight and later grew into the welterweight division. He wrestled exclusively in the Graeco-Roman. Style.

His international debut he gave at the European Youth Championships in Sweden Huskvarna. There he won in class up to 65 kg body weight the European title. In 1971 he competed at the World Championships in Sofia for the first time in the seniors. He showed excellent fights for his age of 19 years and finished in the lightweight the 6th Place.

At the European Championships in 1972 in Katowice, he then won his first medal already in the seniors. He also beat the eventual champions Jürgen Hähnel from Leipzig, but lost to the Hungarian Antal spear and came on the 3rd place. At the Olympic Games in Munich, he started at lightweight and was defeated in the fourth round of the later Olympic champion Shamil Chisamutdinow. So he came on the 8th Place.

After Andrzej was relatively unsuccessful in 1973, he scored at the European Championships in 1974, the World Championships in 1974, the European Championships in 1975 and the World Championships in 1975 four medal wins in a row, taking in Ludwigshafen even won the gold medal at the European Championships in 1975. With high hopes Andrzej started therefore at the Olympic Games in Montreal in 1976, but failed to win a medal again. Suren Nalbandian from the USSR and Stefan Rusu from Romania, with whom he should deliver many hard battles in the coming years, denied him the way to it. A 5th place remained for Andrzej.

Even in the period between the 1976 Olympic Games and 1980 Andrzej won several medals at international championships. In 1979, he was there for the first time world champion. Along the way, he beat Stefan Rusu, against whom he had previously lost four times on points. After he had only occupied the 10th place at the European Championships in 1980 after a new defeat Rusu, he went with mixed feelings to the 1980 Olympic Games in Moscow. There, however, he returned from an excellent tournament and won the silver medal. In the final battle he lost it again Stefan Rusu, even if only very slightly on points. Previously he had, inter alia, beaten the strong Lars -Erik Skjold from Sweden and Suren Nalbandian.

In the following years, Andrzej continued to be very successful. He changed the weight class and now launched in the welterweight division. He had it the greatest success in 1982 when he became European Champion in Varna. 1982 and 1983 he was runner-up. In the welterweight class, he met with Stefan Rusu an "old " rivals and with Ferenc Kocsis from Hungary, Roger Tallroth from Sweden and from the USSR Mikhail Mamiaschwili immensely strong "new" opponents. But the fact that he could stand up to this, he has proven by his successes in 1982 and 1983.

Taking part in his fourth Olympic Games in 1984 in Los Angeles remained Andrzej denied because of the boycott these Games by the socialist countries. His career Andrzej graduated in 1985 at the World Championships in Kolbotn / Norway from. There, however, he succeeded no more medal win. In the battle for the bronze medal he lost the Olympic champion from 1984 Jouko Salimäki from Finland just after points.

Andrzej Supron was a very popular in all circles Ringer Ringer, as he always wrestled very fair and decent. He always had good humor and for all enemies in a good word choice. To this end, he looked dazzling and therefore had a large following in the female audience. He graduated as early as 1979, a coach training and worked after the end of his career as an active wrestler as a coach, including several years in the United States. Now is Andrzej fitness entrepreneurs in Warsaw.

The results of international championships and some other tournaments that Andrzej Supron participated, are read in the following section.

International success

(OS = Olympic Games, WM = World Championship, European Championship EM =, GR = Greek and Roman. Style, Le = Lightweight, We = welterweight, then up to 68kg or 74 kg of body weight. )


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