Andrzej Trybulec

Andrzej Wojciech Trybulec ( born January 29, 1941September 11, 2013 ) was a Polish mathematician. He was the initiator and developer of the Mizar system. His main fields of interest were computer oriented formalization of mathematics ( computer-aided Formalisiserung of mathematics), computational linguistics and the semantics of programming languages.


Trybulec was born as a son of Jan W. and Barbara H. Trybulec and grew up in Gdansk. He studied mathematics at the University of Warsaw and graduated in 1966 with a master 's degree. In 1974 he was awarded his doctorate for Dr. mathematics, the title of his dissertation was On the Movable Continua.

Scientific career

From 1964 to 1966 he was a lecturer at the Department of Geometry and then to 1967 at the Institute of Mathematics of the University of Warsaw. From 1967 to 1971 he was assistant professor at the Technical University in Warsaw. 1971 returned to the University of Warsaw to the Institute of Library and Information Science. In September and October 1973, he was a guest lecturer at the Institute of Scientic and Technical Information ( VINITI ) in Moscow, where he first discussed the idea of a machine readability of mathematical texts. Since 1978 until his death he was a professor at the Institute of Computer Science, University of Bialystok, interrupted by a visiting professor (1984 - 1985) at the Computer Science & Engineering Dept. the University of Connecticut in Storrs.

Trybulec was the founder and developer of Mizar Mizar Mathematical and founder of the Library ( MML ), the world's largest collection of strictly formalized mathematics.


Trybulecs sister Krystyna Kuperberg, his brother Włodzimierz Kuperberg ( b. 1941 ) and their son Greg Kuperberg (1967 ) are all well-known mathematician.


Trybulec published a series of essays, most of which have appeared in the Journal of Formalized Mathematics.

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  • Golden Medal of Merit of Warsaw Province, 1978
  • Silver Order of Merit ( Merit of the Polish People's Republic ), 1978
  • Golden Order of Merit ( Merit of the Polish People's Republic ), 1988
  • Śleszyński Prize, Mizar Users Assoc., 1994 ( with Yatsuka Nakamura )
  • Kapica Medal, Russian Akamedie of Natural Sciences, 1995