Andy Bell (musician)

Andy Bell ( born August 11, 1970 in Cardiff, Wales) is a Welsh musician. He writes songs, sings and plays guitar, bass and keyboards.


With one of the main formations of the shoegazing era, Ride, Andy Bell in the late 1980s and early 1990s made ​​a name already in the British music scene. Together with Mark Gardener he made as a singer, songwriter and guitarist of the creative center of the band that the album Nowhere in particular put a milestone in British music history.

After the departure of Gardener in 1995 and the consequent end of Ride Andy Bell founded the Britpop band Hurricane # 1, for which he was appointed the sole songwriter and lead guitarist. The first album of the band, Hurricane # 1, was published in 1997, contained singles such as Just Another Illusion and Mother Superior and was received enthusiastically by the music press; The second album, Only The Strongest Will Survive in 1999, but critics convinced less. From then convened band break was a final resolution, so Bell eventually moved to Stockholm with his wife and his children.

Later in 1999, Bell has been committed by the Gallagher brothers as a bass player for Oasis, after founding member Paul McGuigan left the band. Bell, who had never played bass, had to learn both the instrument as well as many older Oasis songs in a very short time before he left in December 1999 on an American tour with the band. Later, he also contributed his own songs for the band from Manchester.

After the dissolution of Oasis and the departure of Noel Gallagher, Andy Bell is part founded by the remaining four members of the band group Beady Eye. Bell is in it no longer occupy the role of the bass player, but along with Gem Archer take over the guitar part. His successor on the bass is the former touring bassist of Gorillaz Jeff Wootton.