Andy Devine

Andy Devine ( born October 7, 1905 in Flagstaff, Arizona, † February 18, 1977 in Orange, California; actually Andrew Vabre Devine ) was an American actor.


Devine's distinctive trademark was his unusual voice, the result of a childhood accident. The little Andy had a rod in his hand, as he fell, and they stabbed in his palate. After the accident, it took almost a year before the boy could speak again, but now with a whistling - panting, very high and quavering voice.

Devine played American football at Ball State University and gained some popularity that helped him when he decided to go to Hollywood ( in some of his early films, he is busy as a football player). He joined Total in more than 150 films, with its range of B- movies (mostly Western) to sophisticated and expensive productions handed. Devine was a sought- Supporting Actor, mostly he played the comic sidekick of the main character, so in ten films with Roy Rogers.

Devine was ideal for his voice for the radio, where he was known as a frequent guest on Jack Benny's show and in the role of jingles, Guy Madison's partner in The Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok (both actors played the roles on television ). Devine lent his voice to the animated character Friar Tuck in Walt Disney's Robin Hood.

Devine also worked for television. He played Hap in the series Flipper, and was host of a children's show, Andy 's Gang.

A star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame remembers him.

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