Andy LeMaster

Andy LeMaster is an American musician, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, record producer and artist from Athens (Georgia ). He is a singer and main songwriter of the band Now It's Overhead and owner of Chase Park Transduction Studios in Athens.


His first contact with music scene had LeMaster to careers as a sound engineer and producer as he was as a graphic artist, participates in the nineties on the covers of the bands Sunbrain and Commander Venus, an early project of Conor Oberst. This contact was born at a concert with Commander Venus and procured LeMaster the ability to publish to colonel label Saddle Creek. End of the nineties led two years Studiotüftelei - first alone, later with some guests - in the release of the debut of Now It's Overhead. This brought a LeMaster such a good reputation that he was then frequently called upon for producers activities was requested. He was responsible, inter alia, Conor Oberst, REM, Maria Taylor, Orenda Fink, Azure Ray, Son, Ambulance, Lovers, David Dondero, Drive - by Truckers, Pacific UV, The Glands, Chris Martin and Mayday.

LeMaster is a member of the live band Bright Eyes, designed all the covers for his own band and is considered a perfectionist.


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