Aneityum (also anatomist or Keamu ) is an island of the New Hebrides in the southwest Pacific. The island now belongs to the province Tafea the island nation of Vanuatu.

Aneityum has an oval shape is 159.2 km ² and consists of two basaltic layer volcanoes. On the coast there are numerous coves and coral reefs. The climate is tropical to subtropical. The highest peak, Mount Inrerow Atamein. located 852 m above sea level, the second layer volcano, Mount Nanawarez, has a height of 804 m.

The kauri forests of the island were exploited to colonial times, and the island served as an anchorage for whalers in the South Pacific. Today, in addition to the traditional South Sea products ( such as copra ) and pepper, sandalwood and cocoa is grown. The diving tourism now plays an important role.

Anelghowhat, the capital of the island, is located on the south coast, Anawamet ( Portpatrick ) in the north. On Inyeug, a 1.5 km ² very small barrier island 's south coast, is the airfield of Aneityum.

From 1999 to 2009, the population of the island from 821 to 915. In 1996, there were about 100 km south of the island to an underwater volcanic eruption.

By definition, the International Hydrographic Organization Aneityum forms the eastern "corner" of the Coral Sea.