Angarsk (Russian Ангарск ) is a city in Russia, founded in 1948 with 233 567 inhabitants (as of October 14, 2010 ). It is located in the Irkutsk Oblast in Siberia on the Angara River, about 5000 km from Moscow; until the next major city of Irkutsk is about 50 km.


The construction of Angarsk began in 1948 and in 1951 was awarded the status of a city.


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Economy and Transport

The economy in Angarsk consists mainly of oil industry, mechanical engineering, metal processing, wood processing, chemical manufacturing, petrochemical.

Angarsk is one of the sites of the Russian nuclear program. Except in Novouralsk, Sewersk and Zelenogorsk depleted uranium is processed from the uranium - enrichment facilities at Gronau and Almelo in the chemical combine Angarsk. A result, the city was the scene of violent clashes around the Russian nuclear policy, which demanded in July 2007 deaths among demonstrators anti-nuclear activists.

Angarsk is connected to the Trans-Siberian Railway. The public transport of the city is carried out, among others, by the tram Angarsk.

Culture and Sport

Angarsk has, among other things, a clock museum and the Technological Academy Angarsk.

In 2006 was the start of construction of a new hockey arena, the 7000 offers spectators since its opening in 2010 under the name " Yermak Arena " (Russian " Арена Ермак ") at the home games of the ice hockey club Yermak Angarsk.


  • Mytischtschi Russia, Russia
  • People's Republic of China Jinzhou, People's Republic of China

Sons and daughters of the town

  • Irina Belova ( born 1968 ), athlete
  • Alyona Kartaschowa (* 1982 ), wrestler
  • Alexei Kopeikin (* 1983), ice hockey player
  • Sergei Kriwokrassow ( born 1974 ), ice hockey player
  • Wadym Kulabuchow (born 1969 ), Ukrainian hockey player
  • Yevgeny Lalenkow (* 1981), speed skaters
  • Alexander Popov ( born 1980 ), ice hockey player
  • Leonid Raswosschajew (born 1973 ), political activist
  • Vitaly Schulakow (* 1983), ice hockey player
  • Ignat Semchenko (* 1992), ice hockey player
  • Mikhail Sewostjanow ( born 1980 ), ice hockey player
  • Sergei Sewostjanow ( born 1980 ), ice hockey player
  • Skugarew Alexander (* 1975), ice hockey player
  • Nikolai Stoljarenko (* 1991), ice hockey player
  • Mikhail Tatarinow (born 1966 ), ice hockey player