Ã…nge Municipality

Ånge is a municipality (in Swedish kommun ) in the Swedish province Västernorrland County and the historic provinces Medelpad and Jämtland. The main town of the municipality is Ånge.

Other towns are Alby, Erik Lund, Fränsta, Ljungaverk, Torpshammar, Östavall and other small villages. In the town there are two main Eisanbahnlinien of the country, the stambanan Norra and the railway line Sundsvall- Storlien ( Mittbanan ) intersect.


The community Ånge extends inland from Medelpad about 100 km along the river Ljungan from west to east. The center is the broad valley of the Ljungan, forming a series of lakes in the western part. The valley is surrounded on both sides by steep hills. The hill country is barren, wooded, rich in lakes and is traversed by deeply incised tributaries of Ljungan.


In the community of the service sector dominates. The largest employers are the community itself and the web. Formerly included the post office, which operated a larger distribution center in Ånge, which was closed in early 2012, the largest employers in Ånge. Industry, which employs fewer than 20 percent of the workforce, is focused on the places Alby and Ljungaverk.


13 km east of Ånge is Borgsjö whose rococo church is widely known. The church from the 18th century and their means are unchanged. In the community Ånge is also the geographical center of Sweden.


These places are the larger settlements ( tätorter ):

  • Ånge
  • Alby
  • Fränsta
  • Ljungaverk
  • Östavall
  • Torpshammar