Angelic (band)


As Judge Jules and Darren Tate 1999, a collaboration under the name Angelic started, Judge Jules was already a successful club and radio DJ. For Darren Tate, however the project was the beginning of his musical career. As a singer had also Jules ' wife Amanda O'Riordan with the project.

The debut single " It's My Turn " was a great chart success was 10 weeks in the UK singles charts and reached # 11 The song was remixed, among others, Rank 1 and 4 strings.

Published in 2001, the trio two more singles " Can not Keep Me Silent " and "Stay With Me", both of which also came in the British charts. Since then parted ways from Judge Jules and Darren Tate, who is now pursuing his own solo career. Amanda's voice came out in 2005 again on the song " Without Love " by Judge Jules.



  • 2000: It's My Turn
  • 2001: Can not Keep Me Silent
  • 2001: Stay with Me