Angelika Noack

Angelika Noack ( born October 20, 1952 in Angermuende ) is a former rower from the GDR. 1980 she succeeded in foursomes with control women's Olympic victory.


Angelika Noack was 1970 DDR junior champion in four. The rower from SC DHfK Leipzig won at the European Championships 1971 bronze medal in the quad, even though they had been sitting in the GDR championships still in the second Leipzig boat. 1972 was followed by her first DDR titles and silver at the European Championships, both medals she received in 1973. Occurred in 1974 at the World Championships in Lucerne first wife boats at world championships. Sabine Dähne, Renate Schlenzig, Angelika Noack, Rosel Nitsche and control Christa Karnath were the first World Champions in the four with coxswain.

From 1975 Sabine Dähne and Angelika Noack competed in two without coxswain. The two won in 1975 and 1977 at the World Championships in the Olympic debut of Frauenruderns 1976 in Montreal subject to the two rowers the Bulgarian boat with Sika Kelbetschewa and Stojanka Gruitschewa.

1978 Angelika Noack returned back into the quad. The World Rowing Championships 1978, the East German foursome with Kersten Neisser, Angelika Noack, Marita Sand, Ute Skorupski and control Kirsten Wenzel won. In the same occupation, the boat was in 1979 GDR champion and finished at the World Championships in second place behind the boat from the Soviet Union. At the Olympic Games in 1980 the foursome came with a different line to Ramona Kapheim, Silvia Cheerful, Angelika Noack, Romy Saalfeld and Kirsten Wenzel won with just over a second ahead of the Bulgarians, the Soviet world champions finished third. It was 1974 and 1976 awarded the Patriotic Order of Merit in bronze and 1980 silver.