Angelino Alfano

Angelino Alfano ( born October 31, 1970 in Agrigento ) is an Italian politician ( NCD). He was on May 8, 2008 to July 27, 2011 Justice Minister in the Cabinet Berlusconi IV and 28 April 2013 to February 22, 2014 Interior Minister and Deputy Prime Minister in the Cabinet Letta. In the following Cabinet Renzi he took again the Interior Ministry.

In November 2013 Alfano left along with several other members of the government and other political allies of Berlusconi, the party and founded the new party Centrodestra Nuovo ( " New center-right "), whose chairmanship he took over.

Political career

After studying law at the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Milan Alfano worked as a lawyer, specializing in corporate law. Alfano occurred since 1994 as Silvio Berlusconi's legal counsel on. His work is attributed to that Berlusconi could delay against him directed trial until they were time-barred under Italian law.

Alfano political involvement began in the Christian Democracy (DC), in its youth organization Movimento Giovanile he held important functions in the Association of the Province of Agrigento. After the disintegration of the DC, he joined the newly founded in 1994, led by Berlusconi 's Forza Italia party to. From 1996 to 2001 Alfano sat in the Sicilian Regional Assembly. He was coordinator of Forza Italia for the Region of Sicily.

In the 2001 parliamentary elections, he was elected for the constituency XXIV (Sicily 1) in the Italian Chamber of Deputies, where he worked as Deputy Chairman of the Committee on the legislation. Re-elected in 2006, he was from 2006 to 2008 a member of the Budget Committee. In 2008 he was re-elected to Parliament, this time as a candidate of the Popolo della Libertà, the successor party to the Forza Italia.


On 8 May 2008 he was appointed as Justice Minister in Prime Minister Berlusconi's fourth cabinet. At 37, he was one of the youngest ministers in the Cabinet. As Minister of Justice Alfano presented the law Lodo Alfano. It provided for the suspension of court proceedings against the owners of the four highest offices of state for the duration of their mandate. The law was declared in October 2009 by the Italian Constitutional Court invalidated. On July 27, 2011 Alfano resigned to focus on his party office. New justice minister Francesco Nitto Palma, who was Secretary of State at the Home Office until then.

On April 28, 2013, the new Prime Minister Enrico Letta Alfano appointed as the new Minister of the Interior. End of September 2013 announced Alfano on Berlusconi's pressure towards first to resign along with four other ministers of his party and thus to end the coalition. Berlusconi wanted to prevent the imminent after his conviction expulsion from the Senate. Alfano and the other members of the government of Berlusconi's party thought this was due to the political and economic situation of the country as irresponsible and remained in office.


On 1 June 2011 Alfano was elected party secretary of the Popolo della Libertà. July 8th, 2011, Berlusconi announced in an interview that he would not run for election in 2013 for the post of prime minister. As his successor, Justice Minister Alfano would election. 9 November 2011, Berlusconi announced his resignation; three days later he handed it officially at President Giorgio Napolitano. The subsequent government of Mario Monti no longer belonged to Alfano.

In the fall of 2013 Alfano played an important role in a government crisis and in PdL internal disagreements between Berlusconi, the five - PdL PdL ministers and MPs. On November 15, 2013, he founded because of disagreements with Silvio Berlusconi, the party Centrodestra Nuovo ( New center-right ), which he became Chairman. In February 2014, the Nuovo Centro Destra involved in the Cabinet of Prime Minister -designate Matteo Renzi (PD).

Relation to the Mafia

2002 reported the newspaper " La Repubblica ", Alfano was 1996, attended the wedding of the daughter of the mob boss of Palma di Montechiaro, Croce Napoli and he had been kissed by the Mafia boss. Alfano denied then first to know Croce Napoli, or to remember that he was at the wedding of his daughter. A day later, he said that he remembered the wedding, he was a friend of the bridegroom, and was invited by this. He did not know that it was a mafia wedding: "I do not have to justify, I am a confident and self-confessed Mafia opponents since high school. " Reported in October 2009 the " pentito " Ignazio Gagliardo, Alfano father had for about the mafia votes bought his son.