Angelo Alessio

Angelo Alessio at Juventus (2012 )

Angelo Alessio ( born April 29, 1965 in Capaccio Scalo, Italy ) is a retired Italian footballer and current coach.

  • 2.1 As a player
  • 2.2 As a coach


Playing career

Alessio played from 1984 with the U.S. Avellino, his first professional station. In the first season, he received his first professional use in Serie A, starting from the second he belonged to the permanent staff of the team Avellino. After his third season at Avellino Juventus became aware of him and signed him in the summer of 1987. Though he regularly came into use in his first season with Juventus, he was awarded the following season to FC Bologna to serve as a regular player experience highest in the Italian league to collect. In the season 1989/90 Alessio achieved the final breakthrough: As a player with exceptional role in the team succeeded with Juve both the Coppa Italia as well as to win the UEFA Cup. In the two years that followed, he played for Juventus in Serie A, but the team was able to achieve any further securities. After a total of 99 league appearances for Juve, he decided for a change of club.

In the summer of 1992 Alessio joined AS Bari in the Serie B. Also there he established himself as a regular player and came in the first two seasons in Bari on a total of 63 missions, stood at the end of the promotion to the Serie A. The following year, in which managed to avoid relegation, Alessio had a hard time and did not come in as many bets as in the Vorsaisons, so he re- joined the club in 1995. This time he returned to Serie B back when he Cosenza Calcio 1914 joined. Become again in League Two team regular he played two solid years of Cosenza, when he again took a change of club. In 1997, he joined his former club, the U.S. Avellino, to, in which he, however, in October of the same year after only five appearances his contract let dissolve and played for the rest of the season at FC Modena. There he settled in 18 inserts his career, which he finished in the summer of 1998 bar.

Coaching career

Alessio's coaching career began in 2002 when Franco Colomba took him as an assistant coach with the SSC Napoli. Although the coaching staff had to vacate their seats quickly, it came back again in 2003. After renewed Erfolgslosigkeit only Colomba this time was released, so Alessio also acted under Andrea Agostinelli as an assistant coach. Since this but also was unsuccessful experiences, Alessio his job was going again. From 2004, he tried his hand as head coach at first division club clubs: After two brief stops at Imolese Calcio 1919 and U.S. Massese 1919 he became coach in 2008 SPAL 1907, but even there he stayed only briefly and found no new coaching job.

2010 obliged the AC Siena Antonio Conte as new head coach, this took Alessio as his assistant coach on board and together they managed to Siena to promotion to Serie A. After Contes and Alessio's former club Juventus had separated from the unsuccessful Luigi Delneri Conte and Alessio were losgeeist from Siena and committed as new and fresh coaching staff. In her first season at Juve they could instantly win the championship, just like in the following season, as the Tema remained unbeaten. Here Massimo Carrera, actually Trainers, the first seven games for the team was responsible, as Conte and Alessio were blocked due to unreported match-fixing. Since Conte remained longer than Alessio locked, Alessio was. On game days eight to 15 in the dugout


As a player

  • Coppa Italia winner: 1989/90
  • UEFA Cup Winners: 1989/90
  • Promotion to Serie A: 1993/94

As a coach

  • Promotion to Serie A: 2010/11
  • Italian Champion: 2011/ 12, 2012/13
  • Italian Super Cup winner: 2012, 2013