Angelo Badalamenti

Angelo Badalamenti Daniele ( born March 22, 1937 in New York City ) is an American composer of Italian descent.


After his musical studies Badalamenti worked as a record producer (including 1987 for the Pet Shop Boys on the song It could not happen here from the album Actually ) and as a composer for television series. At that time he still used the synonym Andy Badele. His breakthrough he reached for his collaboration with director David Lynch, whose films he almost invariably put to music (s). Director and composer here are similar to inseparable as Alfred Hitchcock and Bernard Herrmann, Ennio Morricone Sergio Leone and Federico Fellini and Nino Rota, Steven Spielberg and John Williams, Rainer Werner Fassbinder and Peer Raben or Tim Burton and Danny Elfman.

Occasionally Badalamenti is seen in small supporting roles, as in Lynch's movie Mulholland Drive - road of darkness, where he mimes a Mafia boss named Luigi Castigliane, as well as in Blue Velvet, where he appears as a bar pianist. The piano is the instrument with which his music career began: from the age of eight, he learned to play it.

Badalamenti shows again and again that he can in all different styles compose masterly music. The music of Lynch's films, with its always heavy, almost suffocating strings and jazzy melancholy tracks an indispensable support for its gloomy movie cosmos. An exception to this is a true story - The Straight Story: This musical gem not only survived in large part by Badalamenti's dialogues of the solo instruments, guitar, viola and cello in front of a quiet orchestra.

Based on the soundtracks to the series Twin Peaks, for which he 1991 Grammy in the category " Pop - Instrumental Performance" won, and the film Twin Peaks - The movie, a prequel to the series, wrote and produced Lynch and Badalamenti 1989 and 1993 two albums by Julee Cruise, who is with some of the songs can be seen in Twin Peaks as a nightclub singer and listen. He was awarded for the best music with the Saturn Award in 1993. Also got the music from Twin Peaks - Der Film at the Independent Spirit Awards, the award for the Best Original Score category.

In 1996, Badalamenti with Tim Booth, lead singer of Britpop band James the atmospheric- pop album "Booth and the Bad Angel " out, in which he and (together with Booth) took over the keyboard and the orchestration, the songwriting and production, and the includes guest appearances by Brian Eno and Bernard Butler.

Lynch's universe draws on only a portion of Badalamenti's skill. The music for other films differs stylistically from partially clear the composer is often unrecognizable. For The City of Lost Children, he chose among other very playful themes, while some pieces from The Beach unmistakable evidence of his time as a pop music producer are. In the U.S. remake of Dark Water, he composed the film score, which also carries its unique style.

2005 also joined Badalamenti's work on movies the background music of a video game Fahrenheit, which is very similar to a feature film of his production.

The following films and TV productions of David Lynch Badalamenti wrote the music ( which was partially co-written by Lynch and sometimes even interpreted by Badalamenti itself):