Anglepoise lamp

" Anglepoise task light 1933/34, " is the name of a lamp that was designed by the English industrial designer George Carwardine ( 1887-1948 ). His basic idea was to construct a versatile work light. The principle of Anglepoise corresponds to the movements of a human arm: with the help of three springs that hold this fragile masterpiece in static balance, she was the model for all spring- lights.


Carwardine was a specialist for shock absorber systems and therefore had contacts in the auto industry. As a producer for his idea he was the family Herbert Terry & Sons ( Redditch, UK) win, the manufacturer of springs and shock absorbers was. Several patents have been filed until 1933, the first Anglepoise (model 1208) came on the market. For a long time it remained hidden from the large market. Nevertheless, the system mimics that it evolved under license found. Over time, the Anglepoise gained the reputation of being a stylish design icon; not infrequently they belonged to the facilities of advertising and movies. Finally, in 1993 invested Ray Terry - a descendant of Terry's - a lot of money in the resurrection of the once -designed for factory halls Anglepoise 1227th

Until recently, the Anglepoise was driven by Tecta in an interface designed for the European market version. Currently, there are existing 98 Parts Original as oversized floor lamp on wheels.

Now the highest prices are paid for lovers well preserved, left in its original state lighting. 1992 won the Anglepoise the first place, as 50 British industrial designers were asked about the most important light of all time.


This first version was distinguished by a round plate base. The screen was more of a luminous body protection as a radiator. The second version, model 1227, got a square footprint in the pyramid structure. However, the the Art Deco justice to form also had a very practical reason: A round shape is one somewhere on its working surface, while a square likes to keep to the table surface boundary. The reflector now took on a hemispherical shape. The typical head switch Bakelite with the version has been retained to this day. Like the prototype, model 1208, also followed them to the motto: "It moves by a fingertip " ( she obeys every pressure of the fingertips ).