Anglicanism (from Latin anglicanus - English) is the totality of the faith and religious life of the Church of England and her daughter churches. Most of these daughter churches belonging to the Anglican Communion, but some have separated themselves from the community.

In pre-Reformation times, the term referred to the national church movements in England ( cf. Gallican in France) who did not have the detachment of Rome, but a larger country church autonomy to the destination.

Independent Churches Anglican origin

  • African Orthodox Church
  • African Orthodox Church of the West
  • African Orthodox Episcopal Church
  • American Anglican Church
  • American Episcopal Church
  • Anglican - Catholic Church
  • Anglican Catholic Church of Canada
  • Anglican Churches of America
  • Anglican Church in America
  • Anglican Church in North America
  • Anglican Church of Virginia
  • Anglican Episcopal Church
  • Anglican Independent Communion
  • Anglican Mission in America
  • Anglican Orthodox Church
  • Anglican Province of America
  • Anglican Province of Christ the King
  • Charismatic Episcopal Church in Germany
  • Christian Episcopal Church
  • Church of England in South Africa
  • Communion of Evangelical Episcopal Churches
  • Diocese of the Great Lakes
  • Diocese of the Holy Cross
  • Episcopal Missionary Church
  • Free Protestant Episcopal Church
  • Holy Catholic Church ( Anglican Rite )
  • Holy Catholic Church Western Rite
  • Orthodox Anglican Church
  • Reformed Episcopal Church
  • Southern Episcopal Church
  • Sydney Anglicans
  • United Anglican Church
  • United Episcopal Church of North America