Anglo-Irish Trade War

The Anglo -Irish Trade War was a reprisal of the Irish Free State against the United Kingdom of 1933 until 1938.

Dispute of exposure have been, inter alia, the refusal of the State to pay annual payments as a " land lease " ( a clause from the Anglo - Irish Treaty ) as well as the arbitrary imposition of 20 % import tax on Irish agricultural products through the kingdom.

The Irish Free State met the by a tax on coal imports of mainland Britain - but since the Kingdom despite the tax not less coal exported to Ireland, this tax ruined the economic situation in Ireland, which led to a flight of capital and a lively barter.

In 1934 calmed the so-called " coal - cattle pact " ( Coal - Cattle Pact) the situation somewhat, but only by the Anglo -Irish Free Trade Agreement, 1938, the dispute was settled. This treaty ended the annual payments by a lump-sum payment of 10 million pounds. Furthermore, were this Treaty, the Treaty Ports ( ports on Irish territory that remained under British rule ) " returned " to the Free State.

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