Angola national basketball team

The Angolan national basketball team of men represents Angola in international basketball games. It is equipped with eleven titles profits that they all won since 1989, the most successful participants in African Championship, which she is also a regular participant in the World Championships and Olympic Games. International attention has been given to you, especially at the Olympic Games in 1992, when she was opening opponents of the first U.S. Dream Team. At the World Championships in 2002, 2006 and 2010, it survived the first round respectively.

A lot of the players recruited from the domestic league. Also in Europe (mostly in Angola's former colonial power Portugal) were actively Jean -Jacques Conceição, David Dias, Aníbal Moreira, Gerson Monteiro and ex - professional footballer, Joaquim Gomes.

Current squad

Performance in international competitions

World Championships

  • 2014 - qualified

Olympic games

  • 2012 - does not qualify

African Cup of Nations

  • 2003 - Gold Medal
  • 2005 - Gold Medal
  • 2007 - Gold Medal
  • 2009 - Gold Medal
  • 2011 - Silver Medal
  • 2013 - Gold Medal