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139.4 thousand km ² 1.45%

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59.86 million inhabitants 429 inhabitants / km ²

Anhui (Chinese安徽, Pinyin Anhui ) is a province of the People's Republic of China. Anhui is an inland province in Southeast China, located on the Yangtze River. Anhui was founded in 1667 with the division of the province of Jiangnan in Anhui and Jiangsu. The name " Anhui " derives from the names of towns Anqing and Huizhou (today Huangshan ) from Anhui Hefei capital is neighboring provinces are Henan, Hubei, Jiangsu, Jiangxi, Shandong and Zhejiang.. .

Administrative Divisions

At district level, Anhui is made up of 16 prefecture-level cities. These are:

  • Hefei City (合肥市), provincial (1);
  • Anqing City (安庆 市) (2 );
  • Bengbu City (蚌埠 市) (3 );
  • Bozhou City (亳州 市) ( 4);
  • Chizhou City (池 州市) ( 5);
  • Chuzhou City (滁州 市) ( 6);
  • Fuyang City (阜阳 市) ( 7);
  • Huaibei City (淮北 市) ( 8);
  • Huainan City (淮南 市) ( 9);
  • Huangshan City (黄山 市) ( 10);
  • Lu'an City (六安 市) ( 11);
  • Ma'anshan City (马鞍山 市) ( 12);
  • Suzhou City (宿州 市) ( 13);
  • Tongling City (铜陵 市) ( 14);
  • Wuhu City (芜湖 市) ( 15);
  • Xuancheng City (宣 城市) ( 16).


Anhui is located in the border area between temperate and sub-tropical climates. Is also right in the warm and cold air currents from the coast and the inland one another. Therefore, the climate is changeable, and it is particularly in the area of ​​the river Huai He floods again and again, but also to droughts.

The annual precipitation increase of around 700 mm in the north to over 2000 mm at Huang Shan in the south.


Due to the predominantly rural economy Anhui lasted until 1949 as most backward province in eastern China, meanwhile, however, it has developed into a center of heavy industry, especially the automotive industry to the manufacturer Chery in Wuhu.


The biggest attraction of the province is the 1841 meter high Huang Shan. He is so highly valued by the Chinese that Xie Xiake can say without contradiction: Who was on the Huang Shan, looks no other mountain in more. The extraordinary beauty of Huang Shan manifests itself in the eyes of the Chinese in the perfect harmony of bold rock formations, ancient gnarled pines and hot springs. A lot besungenes weather event is called the sea of ​​clouds, in which the mountain peaks, seen from the summit, rising out of an ocean of clouds. The Huang Shan is the tourist center of gravity of the province and is from Shanghai and Hangzhou ( from the east ) or from Wuhan ( from the west ) easier to achieve than from the provincial capital Hefei from. Hefei itself is a fast grown, shaped by the industrial metropolis.

In addition to tourism magnet Huang Shan, there is the 1,342 meter high Jiuhua Shan, one of the four sacred mountains of Chinese Buddhism.


From Anhui several modern writers, including Hu Shi and Chen Duxiu come. Chen Guidi and Wu Chuntao found international attention because of her reportage on the situation of Chinese farmers.


The place Bozhou on the border with Henan Province is home to Hua Mulan, a girl twelve years served his father's place in the army and gained merit. For this story is also interested and turned Disney 1999 animated film of the same name, which achieved great success worldwide. Bozhou is also known as a center of trade in raw materials for traditional Chinese medicine and as a historical stronghold of General Cao Cao. Near the city fell on 20 October 1977 the meteorite Boxian from the sky, in which the new mineral was discovered Zhanghengit.


On 1 September 2005 some mountain areas in the province of typhoon Talim were affected. In summer 2005, parts of the old city were demolished in the capital Hefei, in their place now are green areas arise.

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