The Tivoli cases. Engraved by George Loring Brown

The Aniene (also: Teverone, latin Anio ) is a left tributary of the Tiber, into which it opens in the Roman district of Parioli. It flows through the Campagna Romana.

It rises in the southern Simbruiner mountains and is 110 km long. For Tivoli he forms the famous waterfalls of Villa Gregoriana.

The Anio was in ancient border between Lazio and the country of the Sabines. He fed two leading to Rome aqueducts, the Anio Vetus (272 BC started ) and the Anio Novus (built in 38 AD).

Two Roman bridges over the river, the Ponte Nomentano and Ponte Salaria, were to the 19th century, major transport links. The Ponte Nomentano is no longer used today to motorized traffic. The Ponte Salaria, however, was expanded in the 1930s and continues to lead the Via Salaria over the river. At the height of Subiaco, the medieval Ponte di San Francesco spanned by a considerable span of 37 m of the river.

The Roman dam at Subiaco remained until its destruction in 1305, estimated at 50 meters the highest in the world.