Animaniacs is an American animated series by Warner Bros. Television, which produced Steven Spielberg 1993-1998.


Animaniacs is a combination of animated and maniacs, does so on German animated Crazy. First and foremost it is about the crazy " Warner Brothers" Yakko and Wakko Warner and the " Warner Sister" Dot, which were created by the signatories of the Warner Brothers Studios. After a short time but they were too pushy and annoying, which is why they were locked up in the famous ( real existing ) water tower at Warner Studios, but from which they erupt in every episode.

The joke of the series is the mix of old-fashioned animated films with a lot of violence, slapstick and numerous swipes and allusions to the real pop culture. So is a central element of the series, the parody of Hollywood and the entire film industry. In Animaniacs but also many worth knowing learning content in the fields of geography, history, mathematics and astronomy are taught in the form of music.

The series usually does not consist of a single act with the three main characters but are usually a series of mini episodes with the respective figures such consequences only with Yakko, Wakko and Dot or consequences with Pinky and the Brain. In some episodes, however, appear on all figures.


  • The Warner Brothers (and the Warner Sister ) are created in the 1930s, the main characters of the series. Externally, they resemble dogs and cats with long ears, a nose, button eyes, a black and white fur and a tail, but it is never clarified in the whole series, to which species it really is. This question arises more often than running gag. There are in the series even a song about what kind of animals are to be the Warners. They are usually referred to by their surroundings just as puppies children, they themselves call themselves mostly as the " Warner Brothers" and the " Warner - sister ." Yakko ( the oldest ) speaks mostly fast and is usually also the spokesman, he is smart and loves Groucho Marx. He is aufzusingen all countries of the world in a few minutes or all words in a dictionary with the rhymes able Due to its rapid speech. He and his brother Wakko overreact to attractive women by jumping on the pretty women, they beküssen and shout " Hellooooo, sister ." His favorite actress is Michelle Pfeiffer. Yakko wearing a brown pants with a black belt. He is left-handed. Its name derives from the English "to yak " which means blather.
  • Wakko ( the middle ) has a tongue that hangs out often, and he always has a big appetite for any kind of food, even sometimes even chairs and tables. Wakko appears to be the most violent of the trio, often strikes the one or the other character with an oversized mallet or an anvil flat. He has a terrible fear of clowns. In an emergency, he always carries a big bag, hidden in the more or less nutzvolle equipment in order to save themselves from a dangerous situation. He wears a red baseball cap (which he almost always wears ) and a light blue turtleneck. Its name derives from the English "wacky " which means crazy or mad.
  • Dot ( the youngest ) is cute and naughty and uses her apparent innocence of childhood to manipulate their environment. Dots full name is " Princess Angelina Contessa Louisa Francesca Banana Fanna Bo Besca the Third ". The name is an allusion to Pippi Longstocking's long name. Dot hates to be addressed as " Dottie " and threatens anyone who calls her thus with death. Dot has a monster as a pet, which is tucked away in a little box. She is ashamed of though, when her two brothers put on women, however, Dot behaves exactly as if she sees a handsome man. She wears a pink skirt and has a yellow flower tied around her long ears.



Animaniacs already received in the course of the first season a Peabody Award and over time with a total of eight Emmys.


In addition to the series and a TV movie of the Animaniacs exists. Some supporting characters, such as Pinky and the Brain received, later as an offshoot of its own series. The multiple vocal performances were released on three albums with the titles Animaniacs, Yakko 's World and Variety Pack.

Video game

Published in 1994, the Animaniacs as a video game for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, Game Boy and Sega Mega Drive.