Anisotropic filtering

Anisotropic filtering is a method in the image processing for example, 3D games, to get the impression of sharpness in distant textures.

There are, among other things:

  • Anisotropic filter
  • Bilinear filter
  • Trilinear filter

The advantage of the anisotropic is that he edited depend on the object and viewing angle, the textures and therefore " inconsistent " filters.

Another advantage is that the Anisotropic filtering makes the transitions between the different texture levels softer and thus their change is not so noticeable.

There are different implementations of anisotropic filtering:

  • Footprint Assembly - often referred to as anisotropic filtering
  • Integral image, Summed Area Tables ( only for texture improvement with full 90 ° angle suitable )
  • RIP mapping ( No real anisotropic filtering)