Anja Huber

Anja Huber ( born May 20, 1983 in Berchtesgaden ) is a German skeleton pilot who starts for RC Berchtesgaden.


The qualified sports manager Anja Huber began in 1989 initially with the luge, but moved to Skeleton 2003. Once it was considered one of the biggest hopes in the German sport of skeleton, has established itself in the course of her career in the world rankings. In the junior level it once was German champion and third at the World Championships. Your international breakthrough came in the season 2005/06.

After winning the overall European Cup in the 2004/05 season ( victories in Koenigssee and Altenberg and second in Innsbruck) Huber starts in the World Cup. In the season 2005/ 06, it reached second place in Koenigssee. Even at its debut in Igls, she was fifth. The following season they won the last World Cup before the World Cup in Igls before Katie Uhlaender. With the result in their first World Cup competition of the season, they not only secured the Bobsleigh and Luge Federation of Germany (BSD ) a third on the grid but also a starting place for themselves also the last race of the season won Huber in Koenigssee and was eighth overall. 2007/ 08 Huber drove their first full World Cup season. The best results were two second places in Cesana Pariol and Winterberg. In the overall standings was fifth. Especially good was Huber's debut in the Skeleton World Cup 2008/2009. In Winterberg and Altenberg Bavarian won the first two races of the season, one in front Kerstin Szymkowiak.

At the Olympic Winter Games 2006 in Turin Huber reached eighth place. There were problems in advance, as the BSD wanted to nominate the then reigning European Champion Kerstin Jürgens, although Huber in the decisive qualifying race, the last pre-Olympic World Cup in Altenberg, but einkam to seventh, her rival Jürgens only to tenth place. Jürgens had problems at the start, which is why the Secretary-General of the BSD, Stefan Krausse, Jürgens nominated on the grounds: "You can not make the Olympic dependent on a launch mishap. Jürgens is a medal candidate. " The following day this decision but has been revised in favor Huber.

Huber was 2005 Cresta run world champion. At the European Championships in 2006, she finished fourth. 2007 in Koenigssee she could with the victory win her first international title she defended in 2008 in Cesana, and thus the first Skeleton rider won the title for the second time. In the Skeleton World Cup in Altenberg 2008 she won both the women's singles and team competition gold. At the German Championships in 2006 she finished second behind Kerstin Jürgens. In 2007 and 2008 she won the title.

A difficult year was the Olympic season 2009/10 for Huber. First, they started with a victory in Park City in the World Cup season, then injured himself and had to stop but two races. However, after a weaker race in Winterberg, she came quickly back to the top. In order to secure the German women's team a third place for the 2010 Winter Olympics, she also took part in two races of the Skeleton Intercontinental Cup in Calgary part. Both races she won superior and thus was the German NOK send three starters. At the end, she won a race in Igls again and at the same time the Skeleton Championship 2010. Having the nomination for the Olympics with three starters was easily this time, they were also in the race as strong as usual. On 19 February 2010 Huber won behind Amy Williams and Kerstin Szymkowiak at the Olympic Games in Vancouver bronze. They could push the second-best running time in the crucial fourth run or from fifth forward. Huber and Szymkowiaks medals were the first Olympic medals for German Skeletonis.

In the season 10/11 she was in eight World Cup races always on the podium, won four races and took the victory in the overall standings. The Skeleton Championship 2011 she won silver. Twice silver in singles and with the team she won at the World Championships in Koenigssee.

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