Yajiro (Japaneseヤジロウ/弥 次郎, also: Anjiro (アンジロー) or Anjero (アンジェロ) for German Angelo, * well after 1510; † after 1548) was a Japanese samurai of the Satsuma province, the Basque Jesuit Francisco de Xavier y Jassu to have brought in 1547 from Goa to Japan, which marked the beginning of the Christian mission in Japan.

Fernão Mendes Pinto reports in his epic configured biography Yajiro was in 1547, because he had committed a murder, fled on a Portuguese ship, which was moored in Yamakawa. Pinto 've got to know him and later made with Francisco de Xavier known, which had been thereby excited about his mission trips to Japan.

After the conversion to Christianity Yajiro was also known as Paulo de Santa Fe.

  • Francisco de Xavier
  • Samurai
  • Christianity in Japan
  • Born in the 16th century
  • Died in the 16th century
  • Man