Anke Late Night

Anke Late Night was produced by Brain Pool German Late Night show.


Hosted by Anke Engelke mission launched on 17 May 2004 at Sat.1 on the time slot of the Harald Schmidt Show. House band on the program was the " Electric Lady Band", led by Claus Fischer, former bass player with the TV total band. A stir a 10,000 - euro bet between Rudi Carrell and Olli Dittrich made ​​before the premiere. Carrell had bet that the show would be a flop. The bet was later withdrawn.

Reception after the premiere broadcast

The show did not meet the expectations of many and lost in the first week considerable viewers. The preannounced claim to invite guests daily, the shipment could be up to 18 weeks of their dismissal not meet after its premiere.

Summer break and setting

From 5 August until August 30, 2004 Anke Late Night went despite contrary Announcements Sat.1 in the summer break. This fueled the rumors, the most negative criticism as well as the rates constant lying significantly below expectations would lead to the setting of the show. On 21 October 2004, the show was eventually discontinued for this reason.