Ankershagen is a municipality in the district of Mecklenburg Lake District Mecklenburg -Vorpommern on the northern edge of the Müritz National Park.

The community is managed by the Office Penzliner country with headquarters in the city Penzlin. Since July 25, 2010, the place is officially known as " Schliemann community Ankershagen ".


Ankershagen located directly on the Müritz National Park on a glacial Endmoränenrücken in east-west direction, which forms the watershed between the Baltic Sea, and the current flowing into the North Sea waters: To the north, the rivers flow into the Baltic Sea and south to the North Sea ( Havel / Elbe).

Not far from Ankershagen springs the Havel and then flows over 300 kilometers until it reaches the Elbe. In fact arises the Havel in the three source lakes Born, Trinnen and Mühlensee that were once part of a much larger glacial trough lake, whose southern end is to look around at the narrow at the place Granzin ( Slavic border), so the Käbelicksee with includes. In order to operate a mill, probably pierced the early Middle Ages, monks the eastern edge of Mill Lake, which drains into the Baltic Sea so. To get pressure for the mill, they dammed the Mühlensee the south by a still clearly visible dam. Since this is on marshy ground, the seal did not succeed completely. The water that bubbles up today from the brick Havel source oozes from the south end of the lake under this mill dam through. So this dehydrated in Baltic and North Sea. The edges of this trough lake are lined with numerous up to 38 meters above the lake level high hills, all of which are in the forest and above are relatively flat. The northernmost is the Warenberg, whose name is derived from Germanic times ( 102.2 m above mean sea level. ) - Either by the god Wotan or the head of the warning. East of Mill Lake has one of these hills even a (probably modern - it is easy to get good ) in the forest Viereckschanze. Of the other hills, which are used by the farmers as arable land and pastures, on the other hand no one is flattened, not even those on which the cradle is king.

Local structure

To Ankershagen include the districts Ankershagen, Bocksee, Bornhof, Friedrich field and Rumpshagen.


Megalithic tombs and graves from the Bronze Age testify to the presence of people to the 3rd millennium BC Between Bornhof and Bocksee there is a whole collection of tumuli. A particularly highlighted grave mound, called King cradle, is located about 500 meters south of Frederick field. According to legend, has had buried his favorite daughter in a golden cradle here a long time ago a king.

The first secure written customer of the settlement dates back to the year 1252. Attractions in Ankershagen among the ruins of the medieval moated castle, which was the seat of the noble family of Holstein centuries. Your defensive wall was partly renewed in 1997. Next to it is a more than 450 -year-old defensive castle.


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  • One of the biggest ash Mecklenburg-Vorpommern stands in front of the museum, to the right of the farm buildings of the museum.
  • The church Ankershagen is an early Gothic stone church with moldings made ​​of brick. The square choir has a dome-shaped ribbed vault. The ship was converted early to the two-aisled hall church with four bays. The ribbed vault rests on three square pillars. The windows are preserved only in the east wall in its original form. They are narrow, run with arched and ogival. The tower has an eight- truss tower. Jewelry friezes are in the nave and choir. In-room amenities include a provided with strapwork wooden baptism of 1618th It hangs on the wall a life-size crucifix, the body of which dates from the 15th century.
  • Two-storey, elfachsiges Manor Rumpshagen with übergiebeltem Mittelrisalit and mansard roof; Feature: Decorative glass break in the plaster; 1945 apartments and Gemeideräume, now well renovated house.
  • Small village church in Rumpshagen 1779 from Field and brick.
  • Observatory on access to the Müritz National Park in Frederick field

Heinrich Schliemann - Museum, formerly the rectory

Church Ankershagen

Ash in Ankershagen

Manor House in Rumpshagen

Church in Rumpshagen


  • Heinrich Schliemann spent in Ankershagen his childhood.
  • Johann Heinrich Voss worked from 1769 to 1772 as a tutor in Ankershagen.